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I took no loan: The Iconic Rise of Mahtabur Rahman

Non-resident entrepreneur Mohammad Mahtabur Rahman Nasir is a business magnet and elevated as well as dignified philanthropist & entrepreneur. By his own initiatives, in Bangladesh and outside the country, he constructed and built innumerable institutions, enterprises and ventures that flourishing both in Bangladesh and outside the country creating a lot jobs to the job-seekers and rehabilitate the jobless thousands of youths. Wherever he initiated he achieved a tremendous success and now whatever he initiates succeeds in those ventures by the grace of the Almighty Allah Subhanuhu Ta’la. He consecutively attained four times Commercially Important Person CIP recognition for his outstanding contribution to the nation. He also attained the ‘Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award’ many times as recognition for sending the highest remittances to the country. Mahtabur Rahman Nasir though started his business career with perfume trade, in course of time; he extended the areas to several sectors including tea, bank and service sectors. And now he graced with Chairman to N R B Bank.

In response to recently publish a newspaper report relating this special entrepreneur where it is mentioned that his properties are on auction, he said it is fabricated and baseless news. In this respect, Mahtabur Rahman Nasir said I never ever took loan from banks inside Bangladesh or overseas ones. Therefore, there is no question of defaulting in Banks. News publish on properties about auction is also ridiculous. It is false and wrong-founded, he added. Mahtabur Rahman Nasir said I started business in Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies what is our family business concern. I invested money to this company and to other concerns. I never borrowed money from any individual or any institution. He recalled his contribution and sincerity to investing money to the country saying I from my out of love to the country invested money from overseas. To create employment opportunities inside the country and increase the pace of trade we invested money to our beloved country. For building a concern, we have to work hard but it is very painful when media published news fabricated what makes us disheartened. Such propaganda against non-resident Bangladeshis must discourage those who engage to invest inside Bangladesh, I think. As a Chairman of Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies, he added I resigned from the post of governing body of United Airways on July 4, 2015 that was accepted at the board meeting of the airways on November 17, 2015. The airways on December 17, 2015 issued a certificate to me. That is why I no longer involve with debt of the United Airways and there is no question to go my enterprise on auction in this regard.

Mahtabur Rahman Nasir added I always inspire the overseas Bangladeshis to send remittances legally. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, I was awarded with ‘Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award’ as recognition for the highest remittance sender and this year I once again was awarded with the award of Bangladesh bank. On December 18, Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam formally handed over the CIP awards to the winners in this line. I reminded the people saying that before distributing CIP awards, several intelligence agencies checked and cross-checked the profile of the CIP businessmen.

Though I initiated steps in business into 1970 through Al Haramain Perfumes that later turned into Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies. Now I am chairman and managing director to Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies. Moreover, I am the founder president of Bangladesh Business Council in Dubai and one of the sponsors to Sheikh Khalifa Bin Jaeed Bangladesh Islamia in Dubai.It has over100 branches. ( Al Haramain Perfumes, Al Haramain Trading LLC, Audh Al Haramain, Noor Al Haramain Trading LLC & Al Halal Perfumes Industry LLC). Besides, I am the founder president to Bangladesh Business Council in Dubai. To spread the business areas, he is engaged to both initiatives in creating employment and welfare activities amidst the mass people. Mahtabur Rahman Nasir was born at Bianibazaar in Sylhet in 1958 who at the same time is the chairman to N R B Bank as well chairman to Hamidia Tea Company Limited & Al Haramain Hospital (pvt) Limited alongside the sponsor to Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited and Director to AIBL Capital Market Services Limited. Moreover, he is the TRUSTEE to University of Asia Pacific & Bianibazaar Cancer Hospital.


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